SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2011

Summer run & Curry night

Cheers to Chris for taking the summer run this morning. A great circuit passing local monuments & friendly horses ! The cool weather and spots of rain didn't seem to dampen anyones spirits.
A great run in the morning was topped off with a get together at Jinnah's curry house. Thanks  goes to Mark & Amanda for organising it. Cheers guys.

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[ Posted by Mrs Tracy Gore, June 22, 2011 19:46 ]
     I went to see my husband Mark Gore run the 5mile race at Highgreen yesterday and have to say how much I enjoyed it. This was the first race my husband ran for 20 years and was the first time my daughter and I have attended such an event. I was impressed at how organised the race was and how many people turned up to support the charity. The atmosphere was that lovely that I have now decided to start running with my daughter. So thank you all for giving me the 'buzz'. My husband loved the run and is eagerly waiting for the next one. Just one thing we both thought would have been useful would be to have a drinks station round the course. A brilliant event - thank you!

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